It’s time for a renewable energy revolution

And the good news is that it has already started! Check out Mosaic’s blog for a mini-interview I did on the subject after winning their sweepstakes. Here’s a snippet:

What do you see in clean energy?
I see the future! We’re at a crossroads and clean energy is the bridge – and now it’s time to cross that bridge. Something that’s been holding us back is uncertainty about how to get involved as an individual. It’s always seemed like we had to trust politicians and executives to figure it out. What makes Mosaic so exciting is that it puts the power back in people’s hands and gives them the opportunity to create the clean energy revolution regardless of Washington politics.
Who do you share Mosaic with and why?
Everybody I can. Climate change and the need to transition to clean energy isn’t something that any single person, company, or government is going to be able to solve in isolation. We need to build bridges to people from many different communities, which is something I think Mosaic helps to do. It brings a different set of arguments to the table that resonate differently. It’s dollars and cents, which is something that – for better or worse – is a (near) universal concern.

And if you want to help spur the clean energy revolution consider jumping on the solar-powered investment train!

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