Exploring the world through writing

Doing things better.

There are some businesses, organizations, and groups that just do things better. These are the groups that make me step back and say ‘damn, I’ve got to up my game.’

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Reflecting on the People’s Climate March

It has been a full six months since the People’s Climate March took place in New York City. What’s weird is that the march feels like it happened both years ago and yesterday. It was one of those momentous occasions that exists outside the normal ‘life narrative’ — it’s unstuck from time.

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Can we be done with clickbait, please?

I really, really, really hate clickbait headlines. You know, those things that are worded in just the right way to make it so you can’t help but click. There’s this promise that the information inside might change your life, but it seldom lives up to the promise.

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