Moving Beyond the Self-Interest of Nation States

Is the only reason countries cooperate because they can’t act unilaterally? Is ‘cooperation’ a tool to further their own self-interest?

I suspect this may be a big part of what’s going on in the international political process. It’s the common justification given domestically for funding the UN — that it’s in our interest.

I don’t like this. I have friends all over the world I would do anything to protect.

But for governments, will self-interest always be the motivating factor? After all, they are responsible to their populace. This is why the current concept of sovereignty is such a problem. It keeps us from getting to the point where we’re willing to help each other simply because we live on the same planet. Why can’t that be ‘the right thing to do’? Or maybe it is the right thing to do and maybe that just isn’t good enough.

Sometimes we see this division disappear, and it’s beautiful.

I want to figure out how to break down this barrier in the United Nations. I want countries to genuinely care about the well-being of each other on all issues, not just the politically convenient ones.

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